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Welcome to Armeno family

We provide the best services in a friendly environment

Quality is not an act,
it is a habit.

We believe the way to successful business is paved by sustainable development and continuation of lucrative relations.

Armeno is built upon years of experience. We emphasize upon values essential to projects and our clients. Setting our goals high, complying to the needs of our customers and possessing the sharpest and brightest of engineers in our staff, empowered our organisation to be among pioneers of civil industry and a trustworthy partner.

Our Experties

Over 1.2 Million square meters of building construction and a Million square meters of landscaping works has been carried out at an outstanding quality, provides us with experience to take on the extremest of tasks.

Challenging ourselves

Unlike a construction, a static posture for an organisation usually leads to its decay and obliteration. Aside from possessing an original core, we shape a dynamic organ to merge itself with each individual project in order to be attentive towards special requirements and key points. We crave the challenge, embrace the difficulties and innovate new methods for the tasks at hand.

expanding horizions

The way to the future is tangled with international collaborations. We welcome all opportunities to participate in global development, whether as investor, contractor, consultant, administrative or managerial services provider.

our values

A comfortable and productive environment, job security, high morality and support in-between our staff, makes us primary choice for individuals looking for challenging yet amusing job opportunities and clients searching for a capable contractor with high regards towards ethical obligations.

We are Competent In Our Service

Through accomplishment of various projects the presidential deputy of strategic planning and control has awarded Armeno with :

  •   Grade one in field of construction and buildings
  •   Grade one in field of utilities and equipment
  •   Grade two in field of roads and transport
  •   Grade five in field of oil and gas

providing highly prosperous projects.